Gang Prevention Incorporated was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1992 by Mr. Frank M. Petrone. It still remains largely a law enforcement training and consulting firm. Training and consulting is provided to educational institutions and private sector corporations on a limited basis. 

In response to the lack of updated law enforcement training information available at the time, an exhaustive 3 ½ year project ensued resulting in “The Street Gang Identification Manual" being published in 1992. Several years later the manual was revised and updated and currently is the most comprehensive manual of its kind and is in use worldwide. This intelligence manual is for official use only and not available to the general public. 

Recently “The Street Gang Identification Manual” has been complemented by “The Truth About Street Gangs” and “The 15-Minute Video Guide for the Identification of Street Gangs”, both of which are available to the general publc.

The flagship course of the company is the three-day Gang Specialist Certification Course. There have been almost 200 gang specialists certified from all over the United States and Canada. This course remains one of the most demanding and rewarding courses available to law enforcement officers anywhere. A review of the endorsements section of the web site should prove beneficial as to the course content and the opinions of the participants who have successfully completed the course. 

In 2003 additional courses were added and the company broke into the law enforcement firearms training arena. There are now a total of 5 course offerings in this discipline. Essential, advanced, advanced II, reduced / no light and tactical courses are now operational. 

Additionally, the disciplines of control tactics / physical conflict management were addressed with three new courses in early 2005. Officer survival / use of force, an all lecture course, tactical handcuffing and violence management for women were fine tuned and finalized late March 2005. 

For over 20 years Gang Prevention Incorporated has provided only the highest quality training. We have endorsements, for various courses taught, from personnel from almost half the states in the Unites States and also Canada. With great pride we look forward to the future and continue to promise to provide only the highest quality training available.


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