To provide superior quality training, consulting services and expert testimony to the law enforcement, military, corrections, probation, parole, prosecution, judicial and educational entities in the areas of street gang awareness, activity and identification as well as all aspects of lethal and non-lethal force applications. Training is selectively provided to the private sector particularly in the areas of security and threat assessment and management.

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"The Street Gang Identification Manual”

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Theodore Roosevelt 1907

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Services offered by Gang Prevention Incorporated


Half Day Basic Street Gang Identification and Awareness

One Day Basic Street Gang Identification and Awareness

Three Day Gang Specialist Certification Course

Essential Elements of Handgun Skills

Advanced Elements of Handgun Skills

Advanced Elements of Handgun Skills II

Reduced / No Light Elements of Handgun Skills

Tactical Elements of Handgun Skills

Violence Management for Women

Officer Survival / Use of Force

Tactical Handcuffing Skills Course



consulting services

expert testimony


law enforcement training

law enforcement consulting

law enforcement services

law enforcement expert

law enforcement expert testimony

law enforcement testimony

military training

military consulting

military services

military testimony

military law enforcement

military law enforcement consulting

military law enforcement service

military law enforcement expert

military law enforcement testimony

corrections law enforcement training

corrections law enforcement consulting

corrections law enforcement services

corrections law enforcement expert

corrections law enforcement expert testimony

corrections law enforcement testimony

probation training

probation consulting

probation consulting services

probation expert

probation expert testimony

probation testimony

probation enforcement

probation consulting

probation services

probation expert

probation expert testimony

parole training

parole consulting

parole consulting services

parole expert testimony

parole  enforcement

parole training

parole consulting

parole services

parole expert

parole expert testimony

parole testimony

prosecution training

prosecution consulting

prosecution consulting services

prosecution expert

prosecution expert testimony

prosecution testimony

prosecution enforcement

prosecution training

prosecution services

prosecution expert testimony

judicial training

judicial consulting

judicial prosecution

judicial consulting services

judicial consulting

judicial expert testimony

judicial enforcement

judicial services

judicial expert

judicial testimony


education consulting

education prosecution

education consulting services

education expert testimony

education testimony

education enforcement

education training

education consulting

education services

education expert

educational training

educational consulting

educational prosecution

educational consulting services

educational consulting

educational expert

educational expert testimony

educational testimony

educational enforcement

educational services

gang education

gang prosecution

gang consulting services

gang consulting

gang expert

gang expert testimony

gang testimony

gang enforcement

gang training

gang services

gang expert testimony

street gang education

street gang training

street gang prosecution

street gang consulting services

street gang consulting

street gang consultant

street gang expert testimony

street gang testimony

street gang enforcement

street gang services

street gang expert

lethal force

lethal force education

lethal force training

lethal force prosecution

lethal force consulting services

lethal force consulting

lethal force expert

lethal force consultant 

lethal force expert testimony

lethal force testimony

lethal force enforcement

lethal force training

lethal force services

non lethal force

non lethal force education

non lethal force training

non lethal force prosecution

non lethal force consulting services

non lethal force consulting

non lethal force consultant

non lethal force expert

non lethal force expert testimony

non lethal force testimony

non lethal force enforcement

non lethal force training

non lethal force services

private sector education

private sector training

private sector prosecution

private sector consulting services

private sector consulting

private sector consultant

private sector expert

private sector expert testimony

private sector testimony

private sector enforcement

private sector services


private sector security

private sector security education

private sector security training

private sector security prosecution

private sector security consulting services

private sector security consulting

private sector security consultant

private sector security expert

private sector security expert testimony

private sector security testimony

private sector security enforcement

private sector security services

private sector threat assessment

private sector threat assessment education

private sector threat assessment training

private sector threat assessment consultant

private sector threat assessment prosecution

private sector threat assessment consulting services

private sector threat assessment consulting

private sector threat assessment expert

private sector threat assessment expert testimony

private sector threat assessment testimony

private sector threat assessment enforcement

private sector threat assessment services

Gang Specialist Certification Course

gang specialist

gang specialist training

gang certification

gang certification training

gang course

gang courses

gang training

specialist certification

specialist certification training

specialist course

specialist courses

specialist course training

specialist gang

certification specialist

certification course

certification courses

certification gang

Gang activity

gang activity training

Gang education

gang education training

Gang prevention

gang prevention training

Gang prevention education

gang prevention education training

Gang resistance

gang resistance training

gang resistance education

Gang training

gang training education

gang education training

gang crime

gang crime training

gang crimes training

gang crime education

gang crime education training

gang crimes

Gang education

gang education training

Gang investigations

gang investigation training

gang investigations training

Gang prevention programs

gang prevention program training

Gang schools

gang education school training

school training

gang education school

gang education schools

gang school

Gang programs

gang education problems

gang program

gang program training

Gang problems

gang problem

Gang information

gang information training

gang education information

Gang awareness

gang awareness training

gang awareness education

gang awareness education training

Criminal organizations


Organized crime

Crime prevention

crime prevention training

crime education

crime education training

defensive handgun course

defensive handgun courses

advanced Defensive Handgun Course

advanced defensive handgun courses

Low Light Survival Shooting

Low light survival shooting courses

simunition training



officer survival

tactical shotgun training

Firearms Instructor Development Courses

Topics of services offered by Gang Prevention Incorporated


1% bikers

Midwest gangs

Chicago gangs

criminal Street Gangs

criminal gangs

organized gangs

organized street gangs

organized criminal gangs

organized criminal street gangs

criminal street gangs


Graffiti information

Graffiti prevention

Graffiti identification

graffiti training

graffiti education

graffiti education training

graffiti prevention education

graffiti prevention education training


Terrorist organizations

gangs and terrorism

street gangs and terrorism

terrorism information

terrorism education

terrorism training

terrorism prevention

terrorism identification

terrorism preventing training

terrorism prevention programs

Use of Force

law enforcement instruction







submachine gun

submachine guns

bolt action rifle

bolt action rifles



semiautomatic pistol

semiautomatic pistols



control tactics

control tactic

felony offenders

high-risk offenders

street gang members

field services Training

weapon carrying

weapon-carrying officers

ammunition research


control tactics equipment

control tactics research

firearms requalification

remedial firearms instruction

tactical firearms instruction

Firearms Instructors

control tactics instruction,

Administration of Criminal Justice

high powered rifle

high powered rifles

Semiautomatic Pistol Transition

Pistol transition

use of force issues


officer Involved Shooting

officer involved shootings

Police Rifle Instructors

use of Force Simulation

use of force simulations

Prevailing in Low Light Condition

Prevailing in low light conditions

managing Officer Involved Shooting

managing officer involved shootings

Legal Liabilities for Firearms Instructors

Legal liability for firearms instruction

patrol Shotgun

patrol rifle

rapid deployment

rifle operator

shotgun operator

sub gun operator

street Gangs Defined

Myths Concerning Street Gangs

Present Day gang Characteristics

gang Membership Motivation

Gang Hierarchy

Gang Structure

gang Historical Perspective

gang Identification Overview

gang Sub Groups

One Day Basic Street Gang Identification course

Independent Gangs

Major Gangs

gang terminology

gang Physical Identifiers

Prison gang

prison gangs

gang Prevention Techniques

gang security Issues

gang Hand Signs

gang Handshakes

Physical Identification of gangs

gang Graffiti Interpretation

gangs and the Manuel Alphabet

Terrorist Groups

gang court Testimony

gangs and the Internet

sworn law enforcement officers

law enforcement officer

law officers

educational institutions

governmental entities

Essential Elements of Handgun Skills

handgun skills

essential handgun skills

range work

integrated teaching system

live fire

live fire skill

live fire skill development

Range issues

range safety

range safety issues

firearms safety issues

firearms safety

firearms issues

Officer survival

law enforcement shooting

law enforcement shootings

Use of force overview

firing cycles

firing cycles of the revolver

firing cycles of the semiautomatic pistol

firing cycles of the pistol

internal ballistics

external ballistics

terminal ballistics

forensic ballistics


Adjustable sites

nonadjustable sites

Sight movement

target distance

Managing recoil

Ball and dummy

Developmental courses of fire

reactive shooting



shooting at close distances

Lead contamination

lead decontamination


The mechanics of incapacitation

duty rigs

duty weapons

duty ammunition

Nomenclature of the revolver

nomenclature of the semiautomatic pistol

nomenclature of the pistol

Ammunition components

ammunition nomenclature

fundamentals of marksmanship skills

fundamental of marksmanship

marksmanship skills

Sights and target relationship

dry firing

dry firing techniques

precision shooting

Advanced Elements of Handgun Skills

advanced handgun skills

Sighting in techniques for the handgun

speed and accuracy

Prone positional shooting

Kneeling positional shooting

Use of barricades

90/180 degree turning

reloading devices



tress fire

stress fire reloading

Tactical reloading

emergency reloading

Single hand shooting

Single hand clearance techniques

Body armor defeat drills

Multiple target engagement

Shooting as a team

Shooting while moving

Decision shooting

judgmental shooting

the Tueller concept

multiple target engagement

Physiology of the eye

The evolution of artificial illumination

artificial illumination

Light output




Night vision

Laser gun sights

tritium gun sights

optical gun sights

The reactionary gap

Shooting during rapid intermittent lighting

Reduced light shooting

no light shooting

Artificial illumination as a control option

ballistic protection

laser sighting systems

shooting positions


Eye protection

ear plugs


Scanning and shooting

shooting and movement

Single elimination shooting

man on man shooting

shooting under time constraints

shooting accuracy

shooting accuracy under time constraints

shooting time constraints

Reduced light elements of handgun shooting

reduced light shooting

reduced light shooting skills

No Light Elements of Handgun Skills

no light shooting

no light elements of shooting

flashlight shooting

shooting with the flashlight

no light shooting skills

violence avoidance

violence prevention

escape from violence

defense from violence

confrontation management

Mental preparation for violence

physical preparation for violence

Physical fitness and violence

The fight or flight syndrome

Levels of situational awareness

situational awareness

planning for violence

immediate action And violence

Distancing and violence

Negotiating hostile environments

Predator and prey

unfair fighting

dirty fighting

fighting techniques

Tangible stages of aggression


stages of aggression

crime scenes

transportation to secondary crime scenes

fighting with partners

Verbal de-escalation

offender descriptions

vehicular protocol

defense in vehicles

defense vehicles

Impact target areas of the body

Manipulation of sensitive body areas

Legal considerations and use of force



Empty hand striking

Restraint countermeasures

violence management for women training

violence management for women course

violence management for women courses

violence management for women education

violence management for women education course

violence management for women education courses

physical conflict

physical conflict education

physical conflict training for women

physical conflict education for women

physical conflict education course for women

physical conflict training course for women

physical conflict training courses for women

physical conflict training

physical conflict train

positioning and handcuffing

balance and handcuffing

team handcuffing

handcuffing over obstructions

handcuffing on stairs

handcuffing around motor vehicles

handcuff nomenclature

controlling resistance to handcuffing

resistance to handcuffing

practical application of handcuffing

kneeling handcuffing

prone handcuffing

double locking handcuffing

proper fit of handcuffs

handcuffing from joint manipulation positions

joint manipulations


arrest procedure

tactical handcuffing

tactical elements of hand cuffing skills

handcuffing skills

handcuffing skill development

arrest procedures

elements of handcuffing skills

law enforcement handcuffing


people gang

people gangs


folks gang

folks gangs


crips gang

crips gangs


bloods gang

bloods gangs


Cuban marialetos


Jamaican posse

Jamaican posses


supremacist groups

supremacist group

supremacist gang

supremacist gangs


disciples gang

disciple gangs

Latin kings

Latin kings gang

Latin king gangs

Black Stones

black stones gang

black stones gangs

Vice lords

vice lords gang

vice lords gangs



drug prevention

violence prevention

Mara Salvatrucha


13’s gang

13 gangs


14’s gang,

14 gangs


Products offered by Gang Prevention Incorporated


the street gang identification manual

street gang manual

street gang identification manual

gang identification manual

gang ID manual

street gang ID manual

the street gang ID manual

gang manual

street gang manual

the truth about street gangs

truth about street gangs

truth and street gangs

truth about gangs

the truth about gangs

the 15 minute guide for the identification of street gangs

15 minute video guide for the identification of street gangs

video guide for the identification of street gangs

identification of street gangs

gang video guide

video guide for gangs

15 minute video guide for gangs

15 minute video guide for street gangs